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Welcome To Drachma!

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Welcome To Drachma! Empty Welcome To Drachma!

Post by Alaric on Fri Dec 18, 2009 9:34 pm

Welcome to the wonderful country of Drachma! There are so many wonderful places in this country, too many to count! If you live in Drachma just post a topic in here stating that you live here. Like, if I lived in a cottage, I'd write something like 'Al's Cottage' ETC.
Just to let you know, if you don't already, that you can only be in one place at a time, so make sure you announce your leaving of a town in the topics your in, in that place before you can move onto another place. It's hard having all these topics all in different gaps in time, I've tried it and trust me, it's hard to keep track of one where your character is 14 and in Resembool getting automail put on while at the same time play a topic where he's 16 in Lior fighting off some Ishvallan guy with a grudge, if you get what I mean. We want the time gaps kept to a minimum, in other words.
Other then that, have a nice life in Drachma or where-ever you go!
Yours Truly,
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