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Introduction To The Morgue

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Introduction To The Morgue Empty Introduction To The Morgue

Post by Alaric on Fri Dec 18, 2009 10:06 pm

This is where character profiles of the dead go, more like a copy of the profiles, but none the less. Also, there will be a topic made soully for your character by an admin/mod that is dedicated to him/her. It's their gravestone topic.
For example:

Topic name: Janel's Grave

Opening Post:
Here lies Janel Swingstein,
Loving mother,
Brilliant alchemist
and Peaceful Woman

That's something similar to what will be one your gravestone topic. I will put in a default like gravestone if you don't PM me within three days of character death with specific things to write on the 'gravestone'. Also, all gravestones are in the 'Central Cemetary' if you wanna refernce to it elsewhere!
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