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Poetry Empty Poetry

Post by Guest on Mon Apr 19, 2010 2:04 pm

YAY! this is some poety I made years ago and I want some cometary on them if you would please ^_^

Silver Wings

Light of the heavens above
Send me my love
Together we can survive
Their love makes me feel alive

They fly down to earth
Given to me in birth
My silver wings soar
They land on the floor

We live like a song
Nothing can go wrong
Their face sparkles in light
Together we take flight

We rise up to heaven’s gate
We embrace the fate
We now live together
In heaven forever

Rose of Love

Red like blood
Given by others
Fills my heart
Just like my mothers

Love can’t be sold
Living in our hearts
What we see is bold
True love is never seen

Ugly or old
We try for the one
Failing once or twice
To find the one we call hon

Once we find
The one we seek
Our life has
Reached its peek

A kiss goodbye

We meet on in love
Together we stayed
But I must fly away like a dove
I may never see you again

Take this gift
A sweet kiss
A token of my heart
Given with bliss

We say goodbye
A tear shed from eyes
Away I fly
I say goodbye

Awakening to a new world

A dark passage
Floor of squish
A new package
Out it pops

From it comes life
New to them
Then with the knife
Tears shed for words

Wrapped in cloth
Traded hands
Grown to explore
And find new lands

Once old
It can’t remember
But it knows
It was an eve in November

Fighting On

Jab to the left
Punch to the right
Uppercut the clef
Spirit of the fight

Blood flies
Crowds cheer
As each round dies
Both lives are in fear

Down to the mat
Count towards ten
Heart of flame
Burns in rage

Raising once again
Eyes glare
Ready for the kill
The bell blares

Crowd in awe
In wondrous applause
A broken jaw
The winner lives on

Tears of Lies

Loved at sight
Lived together
Troubles arise
Extreme weather

Feud with words
Fight with wits
Evil erupts
Heart to bits

Tears flow
Darkness engulfs
Bed of lies
Now Dead

Bright Light

Hope given by god
Rising after death
People praise his name
Live on once again

Time flies
People resort back
Shacking his head
They will not confess

End of time comes
All will die
We burn alive

Flying Ocean

Fish fly within
Waves of white
Can change in a blink
With its great might

It cries when sad
Gusts when mad
Roars when pissed
Clears when glad

Without it we would die
With it causes danger
Life circles around it
Together we are a total stranger


Cold steel
Enclose my heart
My spirit urns to break the
Wings bat for freedom

Chirp, Chirp, Chirp
Closing around me
Surrounding darkness
Help me!

Shifting darkness
No where to go
Where am I?
Help me!

What’s that?
Growing warmth
Salty breeze

Wind billowing around me
Flap, Flap, Flap
Soaring to the sky
I am Free!


Void, Emptiness, Hollowed out hearts
Are we really alive?
Do we truly exist to follow our paths predetermined point?
Do our beliefs affect our actions?
Are our actions controlled by fate?
Our minds are a blank canvas forged by our beliefs
But does this mean our beliefs our already painted
Are we truly in control?
Do the invisible strings of god move he pieces into place?
How? Why?

My Creator

Friend of my friend
How shall I call you?
The maker of my picture
Or the friend who greeted me with a nice smile?

I should explain
That my heart is unsure
About who you are
To me I must find a cure

So this was short
It’s the best I could make
With such short notice
Lets hope this is useful at a later date.


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Poetry Empty Re: Poetry

Post by Yuan Yao/ Greed on Mon Apr 19, 2010 2:07 pm

Very well done, Val. I like.
Yuan Yao/ Greed
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Poetry Empty Re: Poetry

Post by Revel Yao on Mon Apr 19, 2010 10:24 pm

pretty :3

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Revel Yao
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Poetry Empty Re: Poetry

Post by Guest on Tue Apr 20, 2010 10:14 am

nice! ^^


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Poetry Empty Re: Poetry

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