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Post by Guest on Tue Apr 20, 2010 9:32 pm

Many saw Takegami die before their eyes, yet he somehow still roamed the earth... how was this possible? Simple, he didn't die. Takegami sat on his throne, slinking in his seat, his head resting on his fist as he sat there, bored to death. He chuckled slightly as he thought of the irony of this joke, and sighed slightly. Suddenly, a guard ran inside, reporting that every village had been called. Takegami arose to his feet slowly, his katana unsheathed, being held i his left hand. He walked out of the double doors at a great pace, his cold, azure eyes piercing straight ahead. Upon him being half way down the main hall, the double doors opened, and light shone brightly from outside. Cries of excitement and happiness could be heard as his loyal subjects screamed and cheered upon being summoned to the castle. They knew what being summoned to the castle meant, war... or what they call 'fun activities'.

Takegami looked at his loyal subjects, scanning the area with his eyes carefully. He smirked evilly, and watched as his people cheered him on over and over. They knew that through his creation of chaos, he sought and created peace in the land. They believed in his morals and he theirs. He lifted his hand upward, and reached into his kimono, pulling out a small knife. He held it high in the sky, and chuckled slightly and spoke, his voice echoing for his people to hear.

"With this knife, Darkamaru Invidia will commit seppukku before my eyes! I will guarantee you, that Eikyuu Gaka will not fall, but FrostDeath will do more than just fall! IT SHALL VANISH!! I will completely wipe out FrostDeath, and show them the true meaning of hell!!"

Takegami's people struck their fist in the air, cheering him on. His governors, village leaders, clan leaders, and personal entourage stood behind him, striking their weapons into the air. Takegami took one step forward, making sure to leave his right foot in place, and pulled out his katana. He slashed it into the air, acting as if he had slashed through Darkamaru. He smirked evilly, and a flag with a red circle with red rays shining from it with a white background arose above the palace. The band began to play, and Takegami was handed a microphone. Drums rolled and made sounds of war music as he chuckled evilly.

"Like beautiful flowers that sing and dance, scattering on the flag of the rising sun. Not even noticing the flowers on the ground, we just walk over them and kill. Our neo bushido pride shall make us ascend to the top, and we will spare none that stand in our way! I call you to arms, my brethren! The crime of decision defendant is heavier than original sin. The thing not growing, the person whom you fear, is absent. It turns it's proper coarse, and the greedy destruction is done. Further more, our body is quiet. The body is dissatisfied! Yes, we are the worst of the evil called human! From history carved with wars, we never learn our lesson, yet our body yearns for more! What right have we to kill? Full of conceit! The worst creatures in history! The ground will find some peace when we're gone it's sad!!"

Suddenly, the band stopped playing, and another band arose to the front along with Takegami. Suddenly, a guitar began playing, in visual kei music style, and Takegami began to sing the national anthem with the band. The people cheered at the sound of their devilish national anthem, the song telling of their evil ways, yet to them, the eviler they were revered as, the better...

National Anthem


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