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My MDA story

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My MDA story Empty My MDA story

Post by Guest on Wed Apr 21, 2010 7:38 am

Ok People since the site is being moved im making this rp into a story and im going to finish it. The more active your charecter was in actual atleast alittle bit important parts you will be more main in this. I will add and take out somethings though heres what I got So Far ( Envy/Al was changed alittle as was to much like Ed)

Modern Day Alchemist

" ALEXANDER ELRIC! " Said a tall middle aged military man. " One more Interruption out of you and you will fail this years State Alchmist Exam." Alex rose from his seat. He had medium lengthed blonde hair. " What how can I control my... " Alex let out a roar of a fart. The other people in the room began to snicker , Alex sweatdropped. " Gas " The man facepalmed. Alex thought back to last nights dinner , a few bean burritos. " Alexander go to the bathroom. " Alex smiled " Thanks! " and ran off. " Back to the Exams the rest of you " The young Alchmists attention turned back to the paper.

Later that day outside. The Fuher stepped out of a crowd " Alright , Alchmists for this portion you will perform a type of Alchemy with out any Transmutation Circle but it may not be pure basic Alchemy Good Luck!"
When It was Alex's turn he stepped up. Alex took out some extra Automail. He clapped his hands and turned it into a sword. The Fuher and some others said " We mentioned no pure basic that falls in those lines! " Alex turned to them with a slight hint of annoyance in his voice " IM NOT DONE YET!!!! " they signaled him to continue. Alex stabs in into the ground. He clapped his hands making them glow. He place them on the hilt of the blade. A large shockwave of force shoots into the ground craking it. The shockwave hits a pillar and cuts it in a perfect line.

( More Later! )


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