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Alister's Character application

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Alister's Character application Empty Alister's Character application

Post by Guest on Sun Jan 03, 2010 10:28 am

Name: Jason Solace
Alias/Nickname:shitai hana (Corpse Flower)/Alister

Age: Died at 20
Gender: Male
Race: Homunculus
DOB: unknown
Birthplace: Central
Current Location: Wanderer

Eye color:black
Hair color:black
Hair Style:>Pic<
Clothing: Black trench coat with custom sleeves, Custom belt, custom Pants, and Custom combat boots.
Overall Pic:
Alister's Character application Hotani10

Pet Breed: chimera
Pet gender: Male
Pet name: Ifrit

Personality: Alister's personality is extremely odd. The first that should be noted is that he would rather lay down, bask in the sun and drink alcohol than fight or do anything else. But if he has to he can be a formidable opponent.
Likes: Alcohol, Killing, general sinning, Fighting with his cloth over his eyes, and sleeping/relaxing
Dislikes: anything that doesn't do with relaxing
Dark Secret: Is a Homunculus
Deepest Fear: Dieing alone
Idol: none
Closest Friend: None

Skills: Expert in hand to hand combat, swordsmanship, and marksmanship Can also manipulate shadows as his ability for a homunculus along with changing his appearance so he can look like an ordinary person.
Weapons:None ATM but might make some custom ones.
Transportation: Train
Special Item: Cloth(The one he has around his eyes)

Family: Sister

Alister's original name was Jason Solace. He was the sister to the now Fuhrer. He grew up not knowing much of his sister than what would be considered as the basics. He knew her name, her age, and if she was alive. Other than that He knew nothing of her. He sneaked in to her room one night and found her sword, alchemy books, and her gun. He sneaked in once again to see her create her sword she has now by combining her gun and sword through alchemy.

It was several years and the night after Kenya left him for her job. He killed himself with his fathers gun. No one told Kenya as she was on a mission and they feared his death would affect her work. He came in love with a girl who was the same age as him. He was to propose to her the day he killed himself. She was however going to as him as well. The were truly in love.

This woman he loved so much was an alchemist who was well known in her town. She would create things and fix things to help her town. Then she found out her fiance to be had died. She searched and searched, then she found out about Human Transmutation. She learned everything she could and tried to bring him back to life. But instead she created a monster and thus killed it When the thing was killed Alister was able to come forth in to the world. The father guided him and brought forth the homunculus to the world of evil and the philosopher stone.

RP Sample:


It was a dark night, the rain had just stopped and puddles littered the ground as Alister walked down a small alley. His footsteps echoed as his feet clacked on the ground. His hands in his pockets and coat fluttered as he walked. The puddle's water spattered on his pants as he walked. Suddenly he stopped, a cloth over his eyes, he sensed someone behind him. As he turned he felt the wind of a fist nearly strike him. He then ducked down and struck the man in the stomach.

The man toppled over and flipped back on his feet. He then rushed Alister with a knife. Alister dumped up and kicked him in the face with a spinning kick. The man dropped the knife and held his face. The man's nose was now profusely bleeding and his eyes began to show the anger he had.Alister, still emotionless stood slightly leaning back and ready for what ever the man had. The man pulled a spear off his back and lunged towards Alister in an attempt to pierce his heart. Alister quickly leaped up and ran up the spear and struck the man in the face yet again.

The man grabbed his face yet again and ran out of the ally with his tail between his legs. Alister turned, not a sweat broke on his body, he continued on his way.


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Alister's Character application Empty Re: Alister's Character application

Post by Guest on Sun Jan 03, 2010 12:17 pm

Welcome to the site and I give my approval, but wait for Alexander to get on to give the final "ok"


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Alister's Character application Empty Re: Alister's Character application

Post by Alaric on Sun Jan 03, 2010 1:18 pm

Approved. Since you're going to be the sin 'sloth' and are a homunculus (like Alexander), you are aloud to have the ability to regenerate extremely fast and your special homunculus ability is to turn into water at will (like Trisha/Sloth from the original anime series). The only way to kill you is if you come within a 30ft radius of the original 'Jason's' remains, and then the alchemist must turn your body into specific compound where your body will evaporate and perish. Thats how you will die, but on a lighter note: I'M SO GLAD THERE'S ANOTHER HOMUNCULUS ON THE SITE!! I thought Al would be the only one! It's such a relief to have another!
Alexander is basically 'Pride' only he hasn't been taken in by 'mother' or 'father' yet and thus is still a good person. That means there are 5 more homunculus spot on the site! I wonder who's gunna be the other sins, eh?

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Alister's Character application Empty Re: Alister's Character application

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